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"Dalkombunker" operate oil terminal in different commercial sea port in Russia and Rotterdam in Europe.


These terminals are equipped with the ultra-modern facilities which intake crude oil and all kind of oil & gas products from railway tank cars, sea tankers, and pipeline, each of our terminal is been supported by our own up-date laboratory for oil products quality and quantity control.


These terminals serves as oil bunkering and oil handling to vessels in our different port of operation, each of the bunkering and oil handling site are been equipped with tanks storage of various capacities for storing all kind of oil products, vapor generating facilities and technological pipelines for transporting oil products between the sites/cisterns and to be deliver it to the tankers and bunkering vessels.


Each of the oil terminals in different port is able to load and unload cargos, store and shipment to our domestic and foreign client and partners, as well as providing bunkers to ships in all the ports of activities. All of our terminal are been built in accordance stringent environmental standards.