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Houston Port Terminal

Our storage tank situated in Houston port is the perfect base for customers from around the world. The storage tank terminal operates different multi-purpose distillation units. Dalkombunker total storage capacity is more than 1,250,000 tonnes.


The terminal is easily accessible for sea-going tankers, barges, rail tank cars and road tank trucks. Dalkombunker operates several docks for deep-sea ships and two berths for barges. Since the American distribution network is heavily depending on rail and road infrastructure, Dalkombunker is well equipped with broad rail tank car and road tank truck handling facilities:


  • Truck stations with multiple load-on-scales situated at the terminal.
  • Automated scale system controls truck loading process through computerized control features.
  • Trans loading services through stainless steel transfer system.
  • Direct transfer from rail cars to ships or barges, at rates up to 450 cbm (3 450 bbls) per hour.
  • Multiple rail header systems enabling the loading and unloading of rail cars on different tracks.

Our operation in Houston applies to crude oil, D6 Virgin Fuel, Jet Fuel, Diesel Gas Oil and biodiesel.