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About us


Dalkombunker Limited Liability Company was incorporated into the Russia Unified State Register of Legal Entities in 2012 in the region №25, №00076 with assigned registration №1122503000762. The main activities of the company is shipping and Storage and warehousing of oil and products of its processing for storing of all kinds of petroleum products. 


Dalkombunker carries out its transportation both in domestic and international water ways. The main specialization of the company - delivery of petroleum products from the river ports of the Asia and European part of Russia to transit points, as well as the export of goods from the ports of the Rotterdam Sea. Transportation is possible in both direct and mixed (with transshipment cargo in transit) direction. The company carries out transshipment of oil from oil Tanker vessel and river barges to ships mixed (river-sea) with pumping stations.


Dalkombunker fleets operating in the marine areas classified by the Russian Maritime Register and fully complies with all local and international requirements and conventions, including the requirements of member companies OCIFM. Delivery of cargo can be carried out from both river and sea ports of Russian. The large number of diverse fleet allows us to offer our client as a single shipment and transportation on a long term basis, taking into account peculiarities of cargo, directions and traffic, navigation conditions and characteristics of terminals. All tankers, barges and tugs of Dalkombunker are insured in first-class Russian and foreign insurance companies. Insured responsibility of Dalkombunker for claims from third parties. Our specialists are ready to provide you with the necessary assistance and advice in the organization of storage and transportation, contract and transport documents for transportation. Impeccable reputation and high quality traffic is confirmed by long experience of the company with a variety of vessel.